Bone Density Benefits

Bone Density or Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. Bone density measurements are used to screen people for osteoporosis risk and to identify those who might benefit from measures to improve bone strength. Weight-Bearing Exercise is an excellent way to improve your bone strength because it ‘challenges’ your bones to grow in density and become more healthy.

Studies from leading universities and clinics all show that walking, though a great exercise, will not strengthen your bones. To build stronger bones you must to add the extra weight.

The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is the most comfortable and natural way to add weight bearing exercise to your daily routine. The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is sleek and never gets in your way or interferes with your activity. It is very well balanced and feels very comfortable. Perhaps that is why so many physicians, physical therapists, and satisfied customers recommend the NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest.

Wearing the NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is beneficial to your hips, spine, the main areas for serious bone density issues. Many women note a significant jump in their bone mass after wearing The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest for less than a year!

However, the benefits are not just limited to your bones. Weight Bearing exercise provides a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT! You will tone and strengthen muscles throughout your body while walking, shopping, or doing regular housework. Forget about spending hours at a boring, sweaty gym pumping iron for each body part. The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest does it all!