Customer Reviews

The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is the most comfortable and natural way to increase bone strength. Its sleek style and well balanced design never gets in your way or interferes with your activity. Our vest was created over 25 years ago by a top design team with the advice and input of physicians. The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is worn and recommended by thousands of woman, physical therapists, and physicians around the world.

Stories and Recommendations from the Medical Community

Thomas A. Einhorn, M.D. – Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine and Director of Clinical and Translational Research Development at NYU Langone Medical Center, Hospital for Joint Diseases.
Dr. Einhorn wrote, “The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is one of the easiest ways to build strong, healthy bone and muscle.” He recommends that patients suffering from bone loss due to osteoporosis use the vest. He said that bone will only increase in strength when you put stress on it via weight bearing workouts and the best way to do that is with The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest. The doctor has many patients who have rebuilt lost bone density by wearing the vest while just going for a walk each day. He highly recommends The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis anyone who wants to start a bone strengthening program.

“For women with osteoporosis or osteopenia, The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is the best way to strengthen your bones. I can’t say enough about this great product. Not only do I recommend it to patients with osteoporosis or patients who want to make sure that they do not get osteoporosis but I use it myself everyday in my own walking routine to strengthen my bones.”
Dr Cheryl Oberschmidt , MD

“My wife has used The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest for over a year. One day I noticed her wearing it when she was getting ready to go for a walk. I said, ‘What is that you have on?”  She told me all about the vest. I thought, ‘WOW – this is perfect for my patients to get a solid weight resistance workout to strengthen bones.’ So now I recommend it to everyone with osteoporosis as a smart, fast way to get a solid weight resistance workout!”
Dr Lund
Los Angeles, California

“I am a  physical therapist and I recommend this vest to all my clients with osteopenia or osteoporosis. It will strengthen and firm up muscles and bones while at the gym or out walking . It really targets your problem areas so you don’t waste time lifting dumbbells, which tend to target only your arms, while the vest does the whole body!”
Adrianne D.
Aspen Colorado

Comments from our Satisfied Customers

“OMG! I never expected this vest would be so good. It hugs your body it embraces you, I love it. I never expected the vest to feel so good. It is amazing. I will tell all my friends.”
Anna J.
Dallas, Texas

“I looked all over the place for a weight vest that did not look bulky and masculine.  Everything I looked at was so ugly, but then I found the NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest . It was just what I was looking for: feminine , sleek looking , perfect ! This is the vest I had in mind when I started looking for a weight vest! Thank you NYK for designing this beautiful, comfortable vest!”
Susan C.
Los Angeles, California

“I LOVE THE VEST! It really fits well and compared to the other vests that I have seen, the NYK one is by far the best. I get many compliments when I wear it out, and I also get people asking me, ‘Where did you get that  cute vest?’ This vest is sleek and well designed. BRAVO NYK!”
Lee M.
Venice, California

“I have seen weight vests in stores but nothing like this! The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is spot on in style and I applaud NYK for making such a fantastic weight vest just for women. It not only looks good, but it is so comfortable to wear, that you can forget that you have it on.”
Kathy C.
Saddle River, New Jersey

“I have been wearing the vest for two weeks now and I have adjusted my diet to include more foods with calcium. Before I got the vest and started weight walking I was in constant pain . Now I have no pain and I know that my bones are getting stronger. I feel great and I love this vest”
Pamela D.
Oakland, California

“What a fantastic product ! Thank you NYK for making this wonderful product!”
Ellen L.
Los Angeles, California

“I wanted to get a weight vest so that I could get my weight workout while walking. I went to the sporting good stores only to find vests that were so strange and horrid looking, that I would not be
caught dead in any of them. Then I went online and found The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest and ordered it . The sales staff was very nice and very helpful. When the vest arrived I was really thrilled! It fits like a glove ! Moves beautifully and I wear it everyplace – I really love it!”
Vicki E.
Cedar City, Utah

“My doctor said I needed to get a weight vest for bone strengthening and he recommended The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest. I called the NYK company they sent the vest out that very day! Exceptional service . The vest fits so well I don’t even notice that I am wearing it . It looks very nice while I am out walking and I have received many compliments on this vest. People always want to know where I got the vest because it is so sleek looking and fits really well . I don’t  just like this vest, I LOVE IT!”
Annette K.
Santa Rosa, California

“I wanted to get a weight workout without spending my life at a sweaty gym so I ordered this vest. It looked nice online but in person it is really looked great. It has a nice, springy feel that moves with my body. I wear it to-and-from work under my blazer or jacket because it is so thin and sleek. This vest is amazing , I recommend it to every women who wants a nice looking vest that you really can wear out and not feel silly.”
Jill B.
Edison, New Jersey

“I looked all over to find a weight vest that looked nice. All the vests I saw were a mess. They were embarrassing and really strange looking but then my friend told me of The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest. I checked it out and got one. I can’t say enough about the many benefits that I have gotten from wearing this vest. I have gotten back to my healthy weight level , increased my muscle strength, and even improved my bone density! All by wearing The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest. Thank you so much NYK for creating this beautiful vest for women.”
Terry M.
Atlanta, Georgia

Wow, what a fantastic vest! I never thought that I could become addicted to weight bearing exercise but with the NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest. I try to wear it every day, but if I miss a day I really miss not having my weight workout. I love this vest so much, it has really improved my stamina and my health in general. Many thanks to NYK for creating this fantastic looking vest!”
Donna M.

“I Love this vest! I shopped around but this vest on NYK webpage was the only one that I really loved. The other vests on the market look like bulky, men’s vests – not for me . I am thrilled with this vest by NYK. I would recommend it to everybody who wants a stylish looking weight vest.”
Lisa S.
Canyon County, California

“This vest is fantastic. I am so pleased with it. I just got my five year report back on my bone scan and there is marked improvement in my spine and hips. I have had osteoporosis for over ten years and since I am wearing this vest my bones are getting stronger, and stronger!”
Arlington, Virginia

“I heard about this vest from my doctor. She said to use it to help strengthen my bones because I needed some weight bearing exercise and this is perfect for me! I work all day and have no desire to go to a gym to do weight training after work so I slip this on and at lunch hour I just wear my vest out walking. It really helps me get my much needed weight training while I am at work, Thank you NYK for creating this great product!”
Vicky T.
Los Gatos California

“I was desperate to do anything other than taking the drug that my physician was recommending that I take. I had read about the dangerous side effects and I decided that I would seek natural
methods to help my osteoporosis. I read studies that showed that The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest has the right balance of weights, plus the look and comfort to give you a great resistance workout that will help strengthen your bones. I decided to try the vest and today I have stronger bones and osteoporosis is a thing of the past. I highly recommend this to any woman as a SAFE and effective way to strengthen their bones.”
Lisa G.

“I ordered the vest on a Monday and received it before the week was up! Fast service, and an amazing product . I showed it to my MD and she not only got for herself, but recommends it to anyone who needs a quick, gentle weight workout. THIS VEST IS GREAT!”
Lisa H.
Greencove Springs, Florida

“THANK YOU for creating this wonderful vest.  After wearing The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest  for over a year, my osteoporosis has come to a halt and I have started to turn it around, I can’t say enough great things about this vest and I am recommending it to all my friends and I even showed it to my Doctor, who loved it. I am a huge fan of yours!”
Nancee S.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my vest last week and I LOVE it! I find it very comfortable and it looks really great! I had purchased another brand of vest a few years earlier, however it was not comfortable to wear on the street, and it looked rather masculine. However, The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is so cute. I love the look , sleek and feminine and best of all it does not hurt my shoulders like that other one did. Thank you NYK for creating such a fabulous product!”
Jean B.

“I wanted to email you to thank you for being so nice and very helpful in answering all my questions on your fantastic product. Not only is the staff nice and very helpful but they also sent me some of the most interesting medical findings on the importance of using a weight vest to strengthen bones. My vest is really nice and I get many compliments on it.”
Heather R.
London, England

“The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest while I bought another brand. One day we all went for a walk wearing our vests and I was so embarrassed wearing my vest outside in public. All my friends were wearing the NYK Vest and they all were looking great in them. When I got home, I immediately called the people that sold me my big ugly man vest and I sent it back. Then I ordered my NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest – I LOVE IT!”  
Natalie J.
Paris, Illinois

“I am so happy I got this vest, its fantastic. My doctor wanted me to go on Fosamax for my osteoporosis and I decided to find a natural cure, I had heard of The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest and decided, now was the time to try it. After using it for the first year, my bones are 12% stronger!”
Zoe A’.
Auburn Alabama

“I searched all over to find a vest like this ! The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest actually looks like a regular piece of clothing I would wear. I had done a lot of research online, looking at many different weight vests, finally I found yours and I really do love it.I am wearing it out every day to strengthen my bones.”
Cindy W.
Scranton, Pennsylvania

“I love this vest ! I have no problem wearing it every day because it is so sleek and attractive. I wear it under jackets, over shirts, etc. and it really works. I am getting stronger physically and my bones are getting denser. I did not want to take any dangerous drugs with very scary side effects. I decided to get The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest  and I am glad I did. It is a smart and healthy way to treat this problem!”
Melanie H.
New Hampshire