NYK Osteoporosis Weight Vest

Do you want a lean, mean body and strong bones? Do you want to keep your bones strong and prevent osteoporosis? Do you hate traditional workouts at the gym with weights, barbells, etc.? Then The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is for YOU!

The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest turns a simple walk into a bone strengthening, muscle toning workout. As you walk, you'll help re-build your Bone Mineral Density (BMD), develop rock solid bones and strengthen your lean muscles.

The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is so sleek, so you can wear it everywhere for a bone building workout. Wear it at the gym to power up any workout! Wear it outside and breath fresh air as you strengthen bones and reverse bone loss. Wear it while doing any activity; walking the dog, pushing a stroller, or on a treadmill and firm up the entire body.

The secret of The NYK Weighted Osteoporosis Vest is in the pockets! Removable weights fit tightly into the specifically designed pockets in the front and back of the vest. You can add and adjust weights as your workouts change. The weights are perfectly placed to provide your body with the MAXIMUM benefits to bone strength, posture, and balance.

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