Weight Resistance for Your Face? Yes!

Many people do not know this, but did you know that your facial bones shrink as we age? Sorry to tell you this but yep, they do. No amount of face creams are going to help you if your face is falling down.

This is just one more reason to walk in the NYK weight vest! Yes, it will strengthen your body but what about that pretty face can it help that? Yes!

According to medical studies the restorative powers of weight resistance also strengthens the bones of the face keeping your face looking strong and beautiful, keeping facial bone intact. The real beauty of your face depends on bone structure and its strength. Imagine your face as a building the bone is the foundation of the building if the building has a weak foundation, it will fall down. Same with your facial bone, a weak bone structure like a weak building foundation the face will fall down. Your face is more than just skin it is subcutaneous fat tissue, cartilage, ligaments, muscle tendons and bone.

To keep that face glowing you also need a healthy lymphatic drainage system to remove toxins etc. But the bones of the face are the main contributor of a strong youthful looking face because if the size of the facial bones are shrinking then your facial muscles are going to drop so that muscles skin everything will drop also. Bone is hormone influenced so as early as age 35 women start to lose hormones and bone. Bone also starts to become more brittle porous and so it starts to shrink.

So, to preserve bone density all over the body and even your face you must do weight resistance. According to medical studies when you do weight resistance the body develops a type of electricity called Piezo Electricity. What is Piezo Electricity?  It’s when pressure is applied to bone the bone will rebuild itself.

Cardio workout is ok, but you need weight resistance to rebuild your bones in fact it is the number one way to rebuild bones. Is that all you need? No. You also need Vit K and Vit D3 to help bone stay strong and you also should get enough protein, eggs, cheese, meat, chicken, etc…  So, by walking in the NYK weight vest will also help keep you looking great as well as being healthy and having strong bones.

Many doctors also recommend pressure massage to the bones of the skull deep tissue massage is great to stimulate strong bone of head facial bones jaw cheeks etc… to keep that face looking young and strong.

It’s time to get movin! Buy the NYK Weighted Vest to stay strong AND beautiful!